About Me

So let's start the description. Ok, my name is Dominika. When I was younger I used to hate that name. I always dreamed about sophisticated, expressive and unusual one. But over time I started to notice good aspects of having such a name. Now it doesn't mind me. Now let's move to the next issue. I've been living on this planet for 17 years.Quite a long time I'd say. Em... What more? I don't like talking about myself because I actually never know what to say. Albeit I fancy sharing my stories and so on. I have many hobbies. It depends on my mood.Furthermore? Hmm... I am into history (exploring the mysteries of second world war), nature, ornithology (for unfamiliar with this term - birds). I spend a lot of time drawing them or trying to keep the balance during climbing on trees, struggling to take stunning pic of new species. I enjoy dancing - all kinds, especially hip-hop. Sport plays  important role in my life. I love jogging, cycling, swimming, walking to the forest and immerse myself in silence. Otherwise I'd go crazy by the fast pace of my life. My favorite music is rock (from oldies: The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Guns'n Roses, Metallica, Deep Purple, Budgie, Iron Maiden, to new ones: Sick Puppies, Seether, Volbeat, Green day and many others). Jazz & swing (Julie London, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, The Ink Spots, Armstrong, Ella Fitzgeralt, Aretha Franklin). Rarely hip-hop. My character? Should I lie or tell the truth? That's the question. Ok so I am for sure too trustful, helpful, cheerful, friendly (aww how sweet, I will vomite in a minute), impatient, I say before i think, very hones (sometimes too much), for sure too submissive (i hate to quarrel with anybody), sensitive, careful but also clumsy, smart & sometimes silly, funny, at the same time sarcastic. I try to stay optimistic, give people good energy and humour. 
I think that's all. Thanks for reading guys. Have a nice day!

2 komentarze:

  1. Bardzo ciekawy blog z ptakami:) Twój profil też jest bardzo fajny,mozna sie tu wiele dowiedziec.pozdrawiam i zapraszam na Mojego bloga o przepisach,którego Tworzę razem z żoną Zapraszam serdecznie,być może którys przepis przypadnie Ci do gustu

  2. I love the way you write Dominika, so natural, you shall write a novel or something like that. You transmit an energy very special writing that way :D Emilio